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What Is Important To Know About The Spacing Between The Fences?


Choosing and installing an adequate fence system for your home is essential to protect your property in the best way and, above all, the safety of your loved ones.


white vinyl

There are many factors to consider when choosing an effective and long-lasting white vinyl. This guide is full of ideas and advice to help you make an informed and satisfying choice.


Focus on Personal Needs and the Characteristics of the Context

First of all, it is good to take personal needs into consideration and put them in relation with those dictated by the context in which the house is located. Among the most common and natural needs is to defend your home, reconciling the security factor with the aesthetic one. Naturally, aesthetics and safety do not follow absolute rules, but are influenced by the reference context, for example:


  • For an isolated house, far from the inhabited center, a secure fencing system will be necessary first of all, characterized by dedicated anti-burglary solutions;

  • For a house well integrated into the urban fabric and adjacent to very experienced areas it will be possible to evaluate the aesthetic component with more freedom and opt for a fence system characterized by standard safety solutions.

Picket Fence

As for the aesthetic factor, it is always good to make a choice trying to reconcile personal tastes with:

  • The style and history of their home;
  • The style of neighboring buildings and their enclosures;
  • The typical materials of the place;
  • The architectural traditions of the place.

Evaluate and Choose the Materials and Type of Fence

Once you have focused on your personal needs in relation to the context, you can move on to assessing the different types of fencing and related materials. Below you will find the most widespread and popular fences and for each of them features, advantages and criticalities.